London (UK), February 16: The United Kingdom's chief mouser, Larry the cat, celebrated 10 years at Downing Street on Monday, having served a succession of three prime ministers.
The 14-year-old tabby has held his position longer than the leader of any British political party, according to the feline's Twitter page. He is on an official payroll and gets a wage of 100 pounds a year.
Larry was adopted from an animal shelter on February 15 of 2011 and was appointed to his high post at Prime Minister David Cameron's office. He went on to outserve Theresa May and is now sharing the lodgings with Boris Johnson.
He was propelled to international stardom through the media who have reported on him upstaging some of the world's most powerful politicians and fighting with fellow mouser Palmerston from the Foreign Office.
Source: Sputnik