Tel Aviv [Israel], November 22: An Israeli bombardment of southern Lebanon has killed three journalists, according to Lebanese media, as hostilities grow along Israel's northern border.
Lebanon's state-run National News Agency reported on Tuesday that an "enemy bombing" killed three people in the TayrHarfa area, about 1.6km from the Israeli frontier.
Lebanese channel Al Mayadeen TV said two of its staff were among the victims. The third person killed was said to be a local journalist and "contributor" to the channel.
"Correspondent Farah Omar and cameraman RabihMe'mari were killed by an Israeli attack," Al Mayadeen said in a statement.
"It was a direct attack, it was not by chance," Al Mayadeen director Ghassan bin Jiddo said, noting it came after an Israeli government decision this month to block access to the channel's website.
"Another attack has targeted journalists in southern Lebanon, killing a reporter and a cameraman who worked for the pan-Arabic channel Al Mayadeen . A third person, who was with them, was also killed," said Al Jazeera's ZeinaKhodr, reporting from southern Lebanon.
"The feeling here is that the Israeli army wants to silence the media and punish journalists," the correspondent said. Israel blacklisted Al Mayadeen TV last week. (Agencies)
Source: Qatar Tribune