London (United kingdom) May 15: The first of a new fleet of high-speed trains built with Hitachi technology is set to start service in the UK. The train, named "Azuma," or "east" in Japanese, will connect London with Leeds in central Britain.
UK government and Hitachi officials attended the Azuma inauguration ceremony in London. It will start commercial operation from Wednesday.
Hitachi built the train body at its plant in western Japan and assembles it in the UK.
The Azuma can travel at speeds topping 200 kilometers an hour. It will eventually run from London to Scotland, a distance of about 930 kilometers.
Shinkansen bullet train technologies were reportedly used to build the Azuma to reduce noise inside the passenger carriage.
Junichi Kawahata of Hitachi said, "We want to provide a high-quality product using the best of Japanese technology."
Hitachi is also bidding for one of the largest railway projects in Europe. That will link London and other UK cities with trains that can run at 360 kilometers an hour.
Source: Euronews